Saturday, November 16, 2013

NaNo WriMo back on!

I'm happy to report that I'm 27,000 words into a new NaNoWriMo.  I feel much better about this story!  It's a romance, of course :) , but it's not your typical man-meets-woman experience.  I'm looking forward to finishing it up and submitting it to contests in the spring!

Speaking of contests, I'm very excited to announce that I've become a finalist for the Splickety Love Contest!  The judge is......Susan May Warren and the folks over at MBT!!  How amazingly awesome is that!!!??!!  When I found out the news, I actually got teary eyed.  I still can't believe that for one tiny second in the universe, my world and that of Warren's is going to actually intersect!  Thank you God!

So that's the latest news from my writing desk!  Speaking of which, where do you do most of your writing?  I do have a designated "desk", it's actually a fold out table, but I never use it.  Instead, I've taken over the kitchen table for the past two years :)  It's easier because while I right, my son is playing in eye sight in the living room.  But I also have found Starbucks to be one of my favorite spots.  Is that cliche?  I don't care, it totally works for me :) 

What about you?  Where do you write your best work?

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