Meet the Author!

You know what I breakers!

Ok, here's 2 truths and a lie about yours truly:

1.  I only broke one bone in my whole leg....while literally chasing after a boy I liked.
2.  In 5th grade, I managed to get a pencil stuck in my knee.  A small bit of charcoal is still visible.
3.  I have a deep obsession with Kid Rock and his music.

Now you leave two truths and a lie (keep them clean and appropriate) so I can get to know you!

But for the more serious stuff....

I'm a wife and a mother of one son.  I absolutely love my family and I'm deeply grateful for the opportunity to be a stay-at-home mom.  My son has some health issues that continue to cause hurdles, but he's a tough little guy and faces them with great strength.  Because he has some issues, we decided to homeschool which we've been doing for a while now.  It's tough, but such a blast and I know he really enjoys our style of learning.

We're involved in many activities outside of the home including playgroups, soccer, church, co-ops, zumba....we each have our own thing that keeps us busy as well as all the fun things we do as a family.

My husband is completely supportive of my dream to write which makes life a lot easier.  He reads through my works and helps with the editing, since ....if you haven't noticed yet....I'm pretty terrible at basic grammar.  When we started dating, over ten years ago, I told him I wanted to write a book one day and his reply was "you should" as if it was something I really could accomplish.  He's been boosting my confidence ever since and I wouldn't have had the courage to start writing again without his support.

Ok, now for the less mushy stuff...

I love to read all sorts of genres but I enjoy writing Christian romance.  My favorite Christian romance writer is Susan May Warren who is phenomenal at character development, suspense and story development...well, she's just awesome!  If you want to know what a Christian romance novel looks like, check out any of her books.  You won't be disappointed!!

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